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21 Sep, 2022 10:19

A Seal Empire Under Threat

Sakhalin ecology activists are hunting Steller sea lions to save them. These animals are in danger because of the huge amount of plastic garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean. The seals get tangled in ropes and fishing nets, which often causes them to slowly choke to death. Local activists stalk the affected ones with tranquilizer air rifles in an effort to release them from their plastic garrottes. Their actions could save hundreds of animals, but the problems don’t end there.

“Medicine used to tranquilize the Steller sea lions is considered narcotics. For ordinary people, these meds are virtually impossible to obtain,” says Dmitry Lisitsyn, head of ‘Ecology Watch of Sakhalin.’ He, like many activists from the Far East, is trying his best to save Steller sea lions from extinction. What other obstacles does he have to overcome?

Watch "A Seal Empire Under Threat" on RTD website.