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11 Jun, 2022 15:08

Mariupol: A Homecoming

“Some are miners, some guards. Here is a journalist. Press. Drivers, electricians. I worked in Moscow for 11 years. Came home on the 24th [February 2022]. And then straight down here. I was supposed to work at DonTech,” a Donbass militiaman in the Mariupol suburbs recalls. He and his comrades in arms are getting ready to enter the city. Most of the Donbass militiamen are ordinary people. They never had combat training or military experience. However, they are prepared to risk their lives to stop Ukrainian nationalists from taking their land. During the battle for Mariupol, the Donbass militia fought alongside the Russian Army to liberate the city. These people went through fierce combat to save civilians locked in their houses by Ukrainian nationalists. See the Mariupol battlefield from their perspective in our new film.

Watch "Mariupol: A Homecoming" on RTD website and on RT's live feed. The time of the broadcast is available on RT's schedule page.