Ukraine secures debt relief deal

After FIVE months of talks, Ukraine HAS agreed to a RESTRUCTURING deal with creditors. According to the finance ministry, private creditors WILL accept a twenty percent write-down on the FACE value of their Ukrainian bonds. The deal covers bonds with outstanding principal of 18 BILLION dollars and with that 20 percent REDUCTION, which provides Ukraine with 3.6 BILLION dollars in debt relief. Ameera David weighs in. 

Then Tim Duy, professor of economics at the University of Oregon and the senior director of the Oregon Economic Forum, is on the show to talk about how the Fed may be interpreting key indicators such as the U.S. unemployment rate and slack in the labor market.

And in The Big Deal, Ameera talks to Edward Harrison from New Orleans about what the city looks like ten years after Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the local economy. They talk about which neighborhoods have yet to bounce back. Ameera also gets Ed’s thoughts on U.S. GDP in Q2, which came in at a higher number than expected. 

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