Rick Rule on Natural Resources plus clips of Rogers, Hanke, Magnus, Alpert and Damodaran

Tech companies are spending big money this year to build political support in Washington in an effort to garner more influence on issues like taxes, immigration, and patents. Google’s political action committee, NetPAC, has spent more money on political campaigns this year than Goldman Sachs! With $1.43 million in political contributions, Google edged out Goldman by only a 300,000 bucks margin. Erin weighs in.

Then, Edward Harrison talks to Rick Rule – Director, CEO, and President of Sprott US Holdings, Inc. – to talk about gold. We invited Rick back to the show following his appearance on the Gold Show to get more of his insight, specifically regarding what he sees happening in the natural resources space. We also talked to him about the chances of going back to the gold standard.

After the break features our Defining Moments segment, including our guests thoughts on threats to the real economy, government-backed digital currency in Ecuador, the drop in oil and commodities, weakness in Europe, and the tech impact on financial services. Includes heavy hitters like Jim Rogers, Steve Hanke, George Magnus, Daniel Alpert and Aswath Damodaran

Finally, in The Big Deal, Erin and Edward are talking Apple. Take a look!

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