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The Big Picture


The Big Picture with Holland Cooke tackles the latest in political news, debates, commentary and more. The program airs live every Friday at 1:30 PM ET, with re-runs at 7 PM and 10:30 PM EM on Friday and Mondays at 01:30 PM ET.

Feb 26, 2022 13:46

Russian forces in Ukraine; did NATO see it coming?

Russian forces move into Ukraine. Was this to be expected after decades of its concerns being ignored by NATO? Historic inflation and supply chain snafus send rent prices through the roof nationwide.

Feb 19, 2022 07:02

Cable news war hawks fan the flames in Ukraine

As mainstream news outlets insist the situation in Ukraine is about to boil over, are war-hungry pundits to blame for stirring the pot? And just what is to be gained from escalating tensions in the region? ‘On Contact’ host Chris Hedges reflects on his time as a war correspondent, reinforcing the industry standard of ‘If it bleeds, it leads’. And as athletes bid farewell to Beijing, we reflect on Olympic firsts (and lasts) that broke the ice over the past few weeks. Ultimate Sports Hub host Ben Holden breaks down the top stories, including another Russian doping scandal and a bevy of rising hockey stars that shined in the absence of the NHL’s usual mainstays. Plus, are you sick of Covid-19 restrictions? ‘Nanny states’ enacted a wide array of public health measures since long before the pandemic.

Feb 12, 2022 06:56

Nord Stream 2 pipeline fueling Ukraine standoff

Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline takes diplomatic center stage as tensions continue to mount over Ukraine. RT’s Ben Swann explains why the US isn’t too keen on the project’s completion. Wirtschaft Aktuell publisher Dr. Eike Hamer discusses how Germany is caught in the crossfire and is weighing alternative energy suppliers in case Russia decides to turn off the spigot.

Covid-weary truckers stay hunkered down in the streets of Ottawa, which has declared a state of emergency. Meanwhile, the Freedom Convoy is rallying American truckers for their own coast-to-coast protest. Constitutional attorney Allison Pejovic discusses their demands. Plus, Ultimate Sports Hub host Ben Holden gives us an Olympic update after the US clinches multiple golds at the Winter Games in Beijing, and China debuts its first hockey team. Finally, while sports wagering may now be legal, the NFL’s ‘tanking’ scandal might make bettors reconsider.

Feb 5, 2022 06:46

Parler CEO: ‘Happy days’ as users flee Facebook

Spotify finds itself in the spotlight as the music giant is accused of providing a platform for podcasters like Joe Rogan to spread what’s been deemed misinformation about the Covid-19 pandemic. Parler CEO George Farmer knows a thing or two about online censorship, and discusses Big Tech’s fluid interpretation of free speech. Diplomatic boycotts aside, Beijing kicks off its long-awaited Winter Olympics. RT’s Alexey Yaroshevsky takes us inside China’s Covid-conscious compound. The host of RT’s ‘Ultimate Sports Hub’, Ben Holden, gives us a preview of all the action to come, and discusses how big a factor Covid restrictions will play as athletes suit up (and mask up) for their chance of a lifetime.

Jan 29, 2022 08:34

Russia, China, Iran pushing US out of Eurasia

Russia, China and Iran are conducting joint military drills in the Gulf of Oman. China races the US to recover a downed fighter jet in the contested South China Sea. Human trafficking sees a worrisome uptick over the course of the pandemic.

Jan 22, 2022 06:57

Tough ticket: China’s Olympic ordeal

Mere days away from China’s Winter Olympics, more and more countries are leaving the huddle to join a diplomatic boycott against Beijing. As the Omicron Covid-19 variant continues to cause a global scare (plus a stoppage of ticket sales), sports anthropologist and Olympics expert Dr. Susan Brownell discusses the impact on diplomacy and on athletes vying for their once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Plus, misinformation by the mainstream media may be responsible for killing any hope of herd immunity.

While working stiffs worry about rampant inflation outpacing wages, corporations see profits hit a record high regardless. RT’s Brent Jabbour discusses the widening wealth gap, which is minting new billionaires by the day. Plus, eating disorders have risen sharply since we started staying at home. Psychotherapist Ashley McHan explains why the pandemic has brewed a perfect storm for already-stressed homebodies, as well as why it’s challenging to assess a person’s health based on weight alone.