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The Big Picture


The Big Picture with Holland Cooke tackles the latest in political news, debates, commentary and more. The program airs live every Friday at 1:30 PM ET, with re-runs at 7 PM and 10:30 PM EM on Friday and Mondays at 01:30 PM ET.

Dec 7, 2019 07:59

Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura DISMEMBERS Trump & two-party system

Hot on the heels of President Trump’s gossip-laden visit to the NATO summit in London, Holland Cooke welcomes back former Minnesota governor and WWE Hall-of-Famer Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura to give a point-by-point analysis of Trump’s leadership. Initially an outsider himself who was catapulted into the political arena, Governor Ventura breaks down Trump’s shortcomings as a leader and ambassador abroad, while also critiquing the deep polarization of our current two-party system.

Holland Cooke talks with digital news editor Kate Nagle and Georgetown professor Chris Chambers about the grim trajectory of print media these days. We’ve seen local print publications falling by the wayside and newsrooms emptying nationwide, as news consumers have now transitioned to getting their daily dose through digital means, generally via smartphone. News outlets have had to quickly adapt, shifting away from conventional ink-to-paper delivery systems toward digitizing their publications in order to minimize materials needed and to maximize readership.

Nov 30, 2019 08:25

Big Tech v Big Brother: Capitalizing on ‘free’ speech

Holland Cooke hosts a panel discussion between legal and media analyst Lionel and investigative journalist Ben Swann about the ever-growing influence of tech companies as our world becomes increasingly intertwined with that of e-commerce and surveillance capitalism. Amid the deluge of fake news and digital scams, how DO we separate meaningful content from online noise? And as social media giants are tip-toeing the line between “platform” and “publisher,” SHOULD these companies be held to antitrust laws the way railway and oil tycoons once were? With Thanksgiving behind us, it’s officially time to ramp up holiday cheer! Holland Cooke and Into Tomorrow radio host Dave Graveline count down this year’s top-five tech gifts that are sure to make their way onto wish lists nationwide. While gadgets like smartphones and tablets remain seasonal heavyweights, an emerging trend of gifting streamable or downloadable content may just leave your stockings and gift baskets noticeably skinnier this year…

Nov 23, 2019 08:21

Bolivia boil-over & Hong Kong bedlam

Holland Cooke welcomes activist, author and professor Jeb Sprague to talk about the political turmoil enveloping Bolivia, where a military coup has replaced the democratically elected Evo Morales with interim president Jeanine Chavez, to the dismay of thousands of citizens who have put themselves in harm’s way protesting in city streets. Sprague likens this military-based activism to the Chilean coup, referring to soldiers now sweeping Bolivia as “mini Pinochets” who have been trained in violent tactics at the infamous School of the Americas.

Then, RT correspondent Michele Greenstein breaks down what’s been going on – and is STILL going on – amid the Hong Kong protests. With university students being corralled into fortified campuses in vicious standoffs with police, mainland China amassing troops along the city boundary, PLUS the US inching closer to passing the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, are we truly witnessing the end of Hong Kong as we know it?

Following yet another series of mass shootings that took the lives of teenagers, 23-year veteran of DC metro police Ronald Hampton weighs in on exactly what is the legislative holdup preventing universal background checks from being enforced nationwide. Hampton shares his experience as a former police officer, giving HIS take on the NRA’s support of arming “good guys with guns.”

Then, attorney, author and university professor Steve Weisman returns to the show offering tips on how to avoid online scams that plague holiday shoppers each year. With Disney+ accounts ALREADY being hacked just a week after the streaming platform’s release, and an incoming flurry of phony holiday offers, how can we best protect ourselves from the digital GRINCH?

Nov 16, 2019 10:23

How do we protect whistleblowers?

Holland Cooke talks with former FBI special agent Coleen Rowley about her experience as a 9/11 whistleblower, and how the treatment of whistleblowers by our government and news networks may be hindering others from coming forward. Amid the media firestorm that has enveloped Trump’s impeachment proceedings and the now-infamous Ukraine whistleblower, what protections are offered to public servants who would risk their careers for the sake of transparency?

Holland Cooke talks shop with former Pentagon official Michael Maloof about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s recent visit to the White House. With the Turkish incursion on Kurdish-populated Syrian regions now on hold, as well as the sale of F-35 jets from America to Turkey being suspended, was Trump’s sit-down with his Turkish counterpart just another way to diplomatically kick the can down the road?

Also, investigative journalist Ben Swann joins the show to discuss the plethora of streaming services hitting our devices in the coming months. Disney recently rolled out its humbly priced alternative to streaming behemoth Netflix, leaving many of us wondering just how the world of streaming is about to change. Half a dozen platforms are clamoring for star-studded content to attract viewers, but could consumers actually end up paralyzed by indecision?

Nov 9, 2019 07:45

Gen. Z: Tainted by vaping & opioid epidemics?

Michael Maloof discusses Turkish President Erdogan’s return to Washington, following a series of diplomatic U-turns regarding Kurdish-populated regions in Syria. Will his visit be a step toward making amends, or will locals be treated to yet another brawl, courtesy of Erdogan’s security detail? Also, a commemoration of 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Plus, Michael Deleon walks us through the dangers today’s teenagers face, including a virtually unregulated vape culture, opioid abuse, media misogyny, and rampant cyber-bullying.

Nov 2, 2019 07:25

PG&E fanning flames of California wildfires

Attorney Archie Lamb breaks down how regional utility giant PG&E is facing legal action over its prioritization of shareholders over its customers. Hundreds of thousands of CA residents have been impacted by rolling blackouts, which the utility company has resorted to as a last measure of wildfire prevention. Also, former Governor Lincoln Chafee and geopolitical strategist John Sitilides both react to the killing of ISIS leader al-Baghdadi.