The Alyona Show: Iran in the Balance

 As tensions grow higher by the day over Iran’s nuclear program, talk of war with Iran has increased. What are the other options for conflict resolution with Tehran? Is war even a viable option to dismantle nuclear sites? Iran expert Ken Timmerman of Newsmax joins Alyona in studio to discuss the possibility of war with Iran and his view of Iran as an apartheid state.

After the Huffington Post took down a post about 9/11 conspiracy written by Jesse Ventura, the former Minnesota governor and Navy Seal is claiming the blog asked him to write anything he wanted for the site, but rejected the post after they discovered what the piece was about. Tim Barello from the Manhattan Headlines Examiner is live from New York, and he’s not happy with HuffPo.

Then, now that the Pakistanis have captured a high level Taliban commander in Afghanistan who is believed to be open to reconcilation talks with the Afghan government, Pakistan's motive for the arrest remains an open question. Mullah Baradar was captured by the ISI, Pakistan's notorious intelligence service , and while some believe this points to larger cooperation with the United States, others believe Pakistan is attempting to assert it’s influence inside a future Afghan government to maintain leverage against India. Gregg Carlstrom has been ahead of the curve on this subject from the beginning and he’s with Alyona live in studio.

Later, Ben Bernanke reportedly stands behind a move to do away with capital reserve requirements at American banks. Alan Greenspan now admits his mantra of minimal government intervention into money markets is outdated. What is going on at the Federal Reserve? Gregory White of the Business Insider is in New York with the latest.

And finally, with massive ratings fueling his fire, Glenn Beck continues to create controversy and large amounts of money for FOX News. Inside his own network there is debate over whether his image is becoming too large and whether it represents what FOX News is all about. Does Glenn Beck represent the average conservative American? RT Producer Jenny Churchill and Alyona don’t agree (but when do they?) on what Glenn Beck represents. Here’s the debate.