The Alyona Show: Is China Really the Enemy?


It's easy to point fingers at China, as if they are the sole actor creating looming currency and trade wars, but maybe we're being played by larger forces that come out on top. Christina Larson, a contributing editor to Foreign Policy magazine discussed how China is the common theme in these elections.

The media can't get enough of the campaign season; you would think the midterm elections are the only thing going on in the world. No matter what happens the crazies will still get all the attention. W. Kamau Bell, a San Francisco Bay area comedian, who is New York performing his solo show this week, "The W. Kamau Bell Curve: Ending Racism in About an Hour" joined up to make his predictions.

Politicians, right wing pundits, and media watch dog groups all claim there’s a liberal bias in the media, known as conventional wisdom. But is it really true when the liberal media isn’t overwhelmingly supporting the passage of Prop 19 in California. Reason Magazine’s Matt Welch discussed how this is simply usual bias that no one questions.

And, former US military sergeant Kayla Williams is author of “Love My Rifle More Than You: Young and Female in the U.S. Army” and served in the US army for 5 years, including a year of deployment in Iraq after the invasion. She described how different her experience was in the military as a woman.

November 2nd marked the 10th Anniversary of the International Space Station. After ten years and $100 billion dollars, what come next for human space exploration? Space entrepreneur Jeffrey Manber explained that there was no reason to spend that much money in space and called for increased market competition to keep costs down.