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‘Yankee crusaders’ responsible for oppression of 100 million Christians – Zyuganov

‘Yankee crusaders’ responsible for oppression of 100 million Christians – Zyuganov
The leader of the Russian Communist Party has given the aggressive expansion of US and NATO as the main reason for repressions that annually target about 100 million Christians worldwide.

Aggressive globalization conducted by Americans leads to ethnic conflicts in such countries as Egypt, Nigeria and Libya, Russian Communist Party head Gennadiy Zyuganov wrote in an article published in the Pravda newspaper.

“Often, American aggressors are perceived as Christians by the local Muslims. And Yankees themselves, acting as agitated provocateurs, love to pose as some sort of crusaders,” the communist leader wrote.

The politician added that Christians suffer from repressions in the Western countries.

“Researchers are now openly saying that it is impossible or very difficult for a Christian believer to make a career in many professions. For example, it is difficult to become a judge, a medic, a pharmacist, etc.” he wrote. Zyuganov put the blame for this on “all sorts of globalization promoters and the whole rotten and speculative capitalist world”.

The Communist leader went on to draw a parallel between Christian and Communist ideas and said that those who oppose Christianity are also the enemies of Communism for the very same reason.

Applying the situation to Russia’s reality, Zyuganov said that attacks on the Church were not very different from those on “Russian patriots” – the word usually used by him when describing leftist nationalists.

Zyuganov has already likened Communism and Christianity in his articles and speeches. This Spring he made a special televised address on the subject in which he strongly supported the Russian Orthodox Church and stated that all those who are criticizing this institution were opposing Russia’s drive to become strong, smart, educated citizens with a spiritual and moral core.