UN draws attention to 10 understated issues

UN’s Department of Public Information has issued its annual list of ten stories which rarely make headlines in the media but deserve greater attention from journalists.

This year, among the most anticipated global food security, climate change, human trafficking and drugs trade, it has been announced that world’s mass media has insufficiently highlighted the diplomatic efforts in Kosovo that prevented bloodshed in the region after its self-proclaimed independence.

Besides that, UN officials believe that topics such as the struggle of Colombia's indigenous people and impunity, or the absence of the rule of law, in Guatemala, deserve global recognition.

The UN aims to encourage public discussions of these problems using modern forms of communication, such as social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

It's also important to provide up-to-date news for those without access to the internet, says the UN. People should learn more about violence, arms and drugs with the help of social networks.