Turkish ban on pro-Kurdish party hampers EU hopes

Turkey's highest court is deliberating whether to ban the country's leading pro-Kurdish party. A ban could complicate Turkey's efforts to enter the European Union – which has said it would infringe the rights of Kurds.

The Democratic Society party – the DTP – denies accusations of backing the separatists and taking orders from the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party.

It is the only pro-Kurdish party in Turkish Parliament – with 21 seats out of over 500.

In an interview with RT, the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan said that the country will continue to seek EU membership regardless of difficulties.

"Some European leaders want to implement rules, which are not in line with the EU’s accession legislation. They have started to implement them only for Turkey. This is not fair. But despite all this, we do not lose hope. Despite such a policy we will keep striving to join," he said.