Look who’s talking! – Putin on US democracy

In response to the most recent WikiLeaks disclosures, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said “it’s a bit rich” of the US to lecture Russia on democracy.

The information placed on the well-known WikiLeaks website, do you yourself believe that the American diplomatic service is a crystal-clear information source? Do you think so?”, Putin asked a French journalist after talks Thursday with Francois Fillon, the Interfax news agency reported.

Putin also hit back against the disclosure that the US is concerned about democracy in Russia.

If democracy, then let it be full democracy,” he said. “Why did they lock up Mr. Assange? Is that democracy?

For the US government, he had these final words, from a well-known Russian saying: “In our villages, they say, ‘someone else’s cow can moo, but yours should keep mum.’”