Medvedev tweets presidential parody

Dmitry Medvedev's Twitter account is in the spotlight again after a new funny message.

This time the Russian president has posted a link to a clip from a popular Russian TV show, which makes a joke of the president's summer holidays.

“I'm relaxing here like an ordinary man. I can do everything by myself, without help. Stop sticking berries to the bushes. Stop refreshing air with this perfume. Stop painting the bugs to make them look like Ladybirds. Just let me live like a normal human being!” said a TV actor parodying Medvedev.

The president said he enjoyed the program even though some of the jokes were about him.

Dmitry Medvedev is a well-known fan of modern communication technology.

His microblog, which he started in June during a visit to California, has more than 102,000 followers.