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Moldova dragging heels on Bagirov case – Russian ambassador

Moldova dragging heels on Bagirov case – Russian ambassador
The consideration of the case of the Russian writer and blogger Eduard Bagirov in custody in the Moldovan capital Chisinau is being procrastinated over deliberately, stated Russian Ambassador Valery Kuzmin.

­Bagirov was detained in Chisinau on June 16 and later arrested. He is accused of being involved in organizing mass riots in the city in April 2009. The Russian national vehemently denies the charges.

He wrote on his blog that for more than three months he has been interrogated only twice, and the questions were “outrageously senseless, unprofessional and impotent.”

“Moldovan investigators have not yet provided any evidence of Bagirov’s guilt,” Ambassador Kuzmin said during a conference entitled Civil Identity and European Integration as Factors of the Development of Moldovan Statehood.

“Our repeated requests to organize a visit by our consul, not to mention to release Bagirov, have been turned down,” Kuzmin went on to say. “This causes bewilderment and makes us think that the consideration of his case is being procrastinated over intentionally and that Bagirov has become a prisoner of internal political disputes in Moldova.”

“Whichever of the three main versions of those tragic events we would choose, be it a Twitter democratic revolution, spontaneous protest against the authoritarian Communist regime or failed conspiracy, the continuing detention of Bagirov, who was absent from Chisinau at the time, looks absurd,” the Russian diplomat stressed. He added that the actual participants and instigators of the protests could be seen perfectly clearly on video.

The Russian Foreign Ministry informed that on September 27 its embassy in Chisinau sent an official protest note to the Moldovan authorities.

“Russia has repeatedly informed Moldova that it is not going to put up with this absurd situation and is expecting strict observance from Chisinau of its international obligations in the sphere of human rights,”
the statement reads.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has demanded the immediate release of Eduard Bagirov under a written pledge not to leave till the end of the trial, “which would comply with internationally recognized human rights norms and would not create an unnecessary source of tension in bilateral relations.”