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30 Sep, 2011 09:17

“We want to win elections, not satisfy our ambitions” – Medvedev

President Dmitry Medvedev talked to three major Russian television channels about the pre-elections situation and why he chose to support Vladimir Putin in next year’s presidential elections.

In the interview, Medvedev explained the recently announced plan according to which he will lead United Russia’s list at the parliamentary elections, and Vladimir Putin will represent United Russia, the country’s majority party, at the presidential elections. Medvedev said his decision was made after opinion polls had shown that Putin was more popular with the Russian people, although Medvedev’s own ratings were still very high.The interview will be broadcast on Friday evening on the First Channel Television, the Russia Channel and NTV. The full text of the interview, which RT is providing in English, is available on the Kremlin’s official website.Medvedev stressed that the main ambition for himself and Putin alike was to bring good to the country and people. And for this they need to win the elections, he added.“We want to achieve the political result, to win the elections – both the parliamentary in December and presidential in March, and not to satisfy our ambitions,” the President said.“It’s up to the citizens to elect, and these are not just words, it’s the truth. Any politician can lose an election, along with his or her political party,” Medvedev said. “In our country’s history, as well as other countries, that is what has happened more than once. Anything may happen; there’s no predetermination", the Russian leader added.Read the full text of President Dmitry Medvedev’s interview with First Channel Television, Russia Channel and NTV Channel.