“Kyrgyz mess is rooted in lawlessness of interim govt.”- former security chief

The reason Kyrgyzstan is experiencing unrest is the lawlessness of the present interim government, which sends the wrong message to the Kyrgyz people, says former head of Kyrgyz Security Council, Adakhan Madumarov.

“The question is how legitimate the present government is and whether their actions comply with the constitutional norms,” he told RT. “According to our constitution, no one has the right to dissolve the parliament and the Constitutional Court. It appears all the mess resulted from these first steps taken by the interim government.”

”In fact, we have heard nothing [from the new government], neither social, nor economic – no foreign policy, no priority areas for the country’s development. Therefore, it is a non–entity,” Madumarov added.

“The present interim government does not comply with the constitution and the Kyrgyz legislation. They live by their own laws and that is how they tell the Kyrgyz people that one can live outside the law and outside the legal framework. I think it is a very bad example.”