Interview with Sergey Karaganov

Interview with Sergey Karaganov
Sergey Karaganov, from the Council on Foreign and Defence Policy, commented for Russia Today on the “natural crisis of growth” which as he says Europe and Russia are facing. “The dialogue between Europe and Russia is happening through d

Russia Today: Is the controversy around the Bushehr nuclear plant purely financial or is there a political context to it?

Sergey Karaganov: Even if it is only financial it is considered mostly from the political point of view. It is clear that Iran is not paying considerable amounts of money. And still, there could have been found a solution out of this delay. But we decided to insist on regular payment in principle, and also because Russian official and unofficial patience is wearing thin. Iran believes it will play one member of the big nuclear club after another indefinitely. Although we have different interests with the United States or Europe on certain points, there is one common interest, and that is Russia does not want Iran to go nuclear and have a chain reaction in the whole region which is bordering our country and our neighbours to the south. And here we are with Europe and with the United States.

RT: Some observers say the Bushehr dispute means Russia's patience with Iran is wearing thin. Is Russia likely to change its position on Iran in the UN Security Council?

S.K.: In my opinion, Russia would not vote for a resolution which would allow the use of force or somehow hurt the Iranian population, but some harsher sanctions could be voted by Russia or it would abstain at least.

RT: So do you think the international pressure is increasing on Russia to change its position?

S.K.: I don