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21 Apr, 2010 10:07

“International co-operation against computer crimes is a worldwide issue”

Boris Miroshnikov, the Head of the Cyber Crimes Prevention Department, told RT that nowadays, computer criminals operating in Russia are rather well-educated and sophisticated.

“Therefore, they understand that they would have to use complicated multi-action schemes in their crimes in order to confuse investigators and to cover up their tracks,” Miroshnikov said. “Unfortunately, at times they really succeed – as imperfections in our legislation or, perhaps, excellent technical solutions provided by modern telecommunications today, make it possible. This is what the most complicated computer crime is about. On the other hand, we do realize that we have to respond to crimes that are the most harmful for our citizens, society and country.”

Speaking on computer terrorism, Miroshnikov mentioned that cyber terrorism in its pure form so far exists only in movies, but the department is preparing to repel a possible attack:

“Luckily, we haven’t had such incidents so far. Today, we see this happening in films only. However this threat really exists; therefore numerous experts in the world, with our participation, have been preparing to avert this threat.”

Concerning the international image of Russian hackers as the best in the world, Boris Miroshnikov said it is probably connected with Russia being a mathematically strong country:

“We do have such an image in the world, whether we should consider it as something worthy of national pride or not! Nonetheless, our hackers are really talented; and perhaps it is based on our long-standing excellent mathematical educational tradition. In the Soviet Union, and then in Russia, we’ve traditionally had good mathematicians.”

“Today, we have great programming schools,” he added. “If you wonder about the impact of these schools around the world, you’d be surprised to find many programmers with Russian names in numerous internationally-known companies. This is one side of the issue; the other one has to do with our country’s economic difficulties which sometimes force talented people to turn to this sphere. This is also a worldwide process, as escalation of cyber-crimes was one of the outcomes of the global financial crisis.”