Post-war EU concept needs reform - MEP

Gripped by protests and crisis, EU nations are being forced to fend for themselves. It is time to go back to the drawing board, before it is too late, believes Nirj Deva, MEP, UK Conservative Party.

­He says the entire construct of the European Union is becoming unmanageable.

“The construct is incapable of meeting the challenges of the 21st Century. It was constructed after the war – Churchill’s ‘Empires of the Mind’ in a single European space. It was constructed to prevent a major war in the Continental Europe by locking Germany, France and all the other countries into single space with settled values – democratic, pluralistic – diverse, but accountable values,” Deva told RT.

“Now it needs a new construct to be able to work in cooperation with Russia, with primary energy producers and suppliers, to work as a good neighbor in areas such as Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and so on. We need therefore a much more flexible construct,” he added.