Clinton warns against nuclear terrorism, urges Iran cooperate

Speaking in Washington, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has pictured a nightmarish scenario of nuclear armed terrorists. She has also urged Iran to take practical steps towards cooperation.

In her speech to the US Institute of Peace think tank, Clinton warned against such modern trends as the spread of nuclear materials and weapons know-how, noting that they could lead the world to catastrophe.

”Unless these trends are reversed, and reversed soon, we will find ourselves in a world with a steadily growing number of nuclear-armed states and an increasing likelihood of terrorists getting their hands on nuclear weapons,” she said.

Hillary Clinton pointed out that the international community failed to stop North Korea from developing nuclear weapons.

She added that North Korean leaders should "be under no illusion that the United States will ever have normal, sanctions-free relations” with the nuclear armed country.

Talking of Iran, Clinton reiterated America's readiness to discuss the problems that divide Washington and Tehran. However, the US Secretary of State said America wants constructive actions from Tehran.

She urged Iran to put into practice a plan aimed at dispelling doubts over the country’s nuclear program.

Hillary Clinton made her comments on the day when talks between Iran, Russia, USA and France ended in Vienna, resulting in a draft deal to be approved by all sides on Friday.