Abkhazia threatens to sink Georgian navy in its waters

The Abkhazian President has issued an order for the Navy to destroy Georgian ships illegally entering the Republic’s waters.

Sergey Bagapsh says the move is in response to what he calls “piracy” by Georgian border guards.

“I have issued an order to our Navy to destroy Georgian ships illegally crossing Abkhazia's marine border. This step has been prompted by unending piracy on Georgia's part,” Bagapsh told Interfax news agency on Wednesday.

Georgian officials have detained several vessels en route to the Republic, including a Turkish ship whose captain faces charges of violating the territorial waters of Georgia.

The Abkhazian President also says the Republic is ready to protect its maritime boundaries with its own forces, without involving the Russian Navy.

“I would like to emphasize that the matter involves exclusively the Abkhaz Navy. No Russian naval forces have been employed, or will be employed to resolve this issue,” he said.

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