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7 Apr, 2024 15:58

Three injured in Ukrainian attack on Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant

The facility was targeted by multiple kamikaze drones, Russia’s nuclear energy agency Rosatom has said
Three injured in Ukrainian attack on Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant

Multiple explosive-laden Ukrainian drones targeted the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant on Sunday, hitting several parts of the facility, Russia’s nuclear energy agency Rosatom said in a statement. At least three employees were injured in the attack, the agency added. 

According to a Telegram post by the facility’s Russian management, one kamikaze UAV struck near the power plant’s canteen, damaging a nearby truck. Another drone exploded in the vicinity of the cargo port. The attack on the plant’s canteen left at least three employees injured, Rosatom said in a separate statement.

“20 minutes before the attack, [International Atomic Energy Agency] experts were conducting an inspection of this territory,” the management said.

The nuclear power station, the largest in Europe, was integrated under Moscow’s control in 2022, early in the Ukraine conflict. Rosatom formally took it over after Zaporozhye Region was incorporated into Russia following a referendum in the autumn of that year.  

Kiev has repeatedly claimed that Moscow keeps heavy weaponry on the premises of the power plant. Russia has accused Ukraine of shelling the facility and risking a major nuclear incident.     

The power plant’s representatives accused the Ukrainian military of targeting the dome of the sixth power unit, but no critical damage or casualties were reported. It also reported that radiation levels around the power plant remained normal.  


The management of the facility stressed, however, that “no nuclear power plant in the world is built to withstand full-scale fire impact by an armed force.”  

On Friday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called on the “IAEA and its leadership to actively use the experts present at the station to publicly record all cases of attacks from the Ukrainian side and clearly state where the threat to the safe operation of this facility really comes from.”  

Commenting on Ukrainian strikes earlier this week, which threatened to cut off the power plant from its source of electricity needed for cooling, the international nuclear watchdog said it was aware of the incident and was studying it.