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25 Jan, 2024 21:07

West ‘tired’ of Ukraine – Russia’s top spy

Faced with growing resistance, the US and its allies have turned to fear-mongering, Sergey Naryshkin has said
West ‘tired’ of Ukraine – Russia’s top spy

Citizens of the Western bloc have become disillusioned with the Ukraine conflict, the head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Sergey Naryshkin, said on Thursday.

Western capitals are now trying to drum up public support by hyping up the phantom threat of a “Russian invasion” of NATO, Naryshkin told Sputnik in an interview.

Polls have made it “clear that the population of these countries is simply tired of the Ukrainian crisis,” Naryshkin said. “Few people believe in the possibility of achieving victory over Russia.”

Those who wish to continue the “simply colossal” financial assistance to President Vladimir Zelensky’s “gang” are fewer still, according to the SVR head. “And no one understands why the citizens of Western countries must suffer for this.”

Industries of EU countries have taken a massive hit over the past two years due to the bloc’s embargo on Russian energy imports. Recent reports showed millions of UK residents struggling to afford electricity.

The US and its allies have provided more than $203 billion in aid to Ukraine over the past two years, according to Russian estimates. This has included everything from weapons, ammunition and equipment to paying the salaries of government employees.

Faced with their people’s growing reluctance to continue doing this, Naryshkin said, Western governments are using the tried and true technique of fear-mongering, talking about “the possibility of aggression by Russia.”

NATO’s belligerent rhetoric is also part of a “hybrid war” against Russia, attempting to intimidate Moscow into abandoning the objectives of its military operation in Ukraine, the SVR head said, noting that such a turn of events is unlikely.

Moscow has repeatedly warned the West that continuing to supply Kiev with weapons will make them participants in the conflict with all the attendant consequences. Russia has also given notice that anyone involved in atrocities perpetrated by the Ukrainian military against civilians – including Westerners – will not escape justice.