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2 Jan, 2024 13:35

Three more Ukrainian ‘terrorist strikes’ on Belgorod repelled – Moscow

The Russian Defense Ministry claims to have shot down 17 missiles in three hours
Three more Ukrainian ‘terrorist strikes’ on Belgorod repelled – Moscow

The Russian military has repelled three Ukrainian attacks on the border region of Belgorod, days after a wave of strikes on the region's capital city killed more than 20 people, including children, the Defense Ministry in Moscow has said. According to local authorities, the assault resulted in the death of at least one person and injured five more.

The first strike was reported by Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov, who wrote on Telegram on Tuesday that Russian air defenses had shot down four “aerial targets” approaching the city, which is around 40km from the Ukrainian border, without providing further details.

Gladkov stated, citing preliminary data, that one man had been hit by shell fragments, and is in the hospital in serious condition.

Earlier in the day, the governor issued a missile alert that lasted for around 40 minutes, while urging people to seek shelter. About an hour later, he renewed the call, as local media shared clips featuring air raid sirens.

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that around noon, the military had “thwarted an attempt by the Kiev regime to conduct a terrorist attack” on unspecified facilities, adding that four missiles launched from a Ukrainian Olkha system were destroyed over Belgorod Region.

It later added that Moscow had repelled two similar attacks, shooting down another 13 Olkha missiles. Gladkov announced that one woman had been slightly injured. Another barrage, however, killed one man who had been driving a car when a shell exploded nearby, the official claimed.

Unverified footage shared by local Telegram channels shows a burning shell fragment hitting a building, with other photos from the scene depicting pieces of military hardware lying on the ground.

Last week, Ukraine launched a missile strike on the center of Belgorod, killing 25 people, including several children, and injuring more than 100. Kiev allegedly used Olkha missile systems as well as a Czech-made RM-70 Vampire multiple-launch rocket system.

Russia vowed to retaliate against the recent attacks on civilian areas from Ukraine, and the Defense Ministry subsequently reported Russian forces had launched at least two waves of strikes in recent days that it claimed targeted Ukrainian officials responsible for the “terrorist attacks,” as well as facilities producing military equipment and ammo depots.