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28 Nov, 2023 17:43

Strong Russia vital to world order – Putin

Moscow is fighting for freedom against “decrepit” Western hegemony, the Russian leader has said
Strong Russia vital to world order – Putin

There can be no global stability without a powerful and sovereign Russia, President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday, addressing the international Russian People’s Council.

The president addressed the organization via video-link from the Kremlin, reminding the participants that Russia is both a country and a civilization, and has repeatedly been a bulwark against those who sought to be “exceptional” and dominate the planet.

“We are fighting today not only for the freedom of Russia, but for the freedom of the entire world,” Putin said. “Our country is now at the forefront of creating a more equitable world order. And I want to emphasize: without a sovereign, strong Russia, no lasting, stable world order is possible.”

He described the West as openly hostile to Russia, attempting to fracture its multinational character with talk of “decolonization” and dismemberment. Unable to do it by force, Russia’s enemies may try achieving their goals through sowing discord, Putin warned.

“We openly say that the dictatorship of one hegemon – we see it, everyone sees it now – is becoming decrepit. It has gone wild, as they say, and is simply dangerous to everyone around,” Putin added, noting that the “global majority” has already realized this.

Russia will regard any outside meddling or provocations aimed at causing ethnic or religious conflict as an “aggressive action” and deal with it “accordingly,” the president warned.

Western governments and media tried to paint Russia as anti-Semitic in late October, after a riot in Muslim-majority Dagestan was incited by a social media channel linked to Ukrainian intelligence. At the time, Putin fingered the “ruling elite of the US and its satellites” as the ultimate culprits.

The president spoke to the 30th anniversary meeting of the international Russian People’s Council, a forum set up in 1993 and led by Moscow Patriarch Kirill. Its membership includes government officials, civil society leaders, heads of major religious groups in Russia, prominent scientists and cultural figures, and representatives of Russian communities abroad.