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17 Aug, 2023 17:36

Ukrainian MP raises ‘loss of statehood’ fears

Officials in Kiev could be be forced to declare a full mobilization, Egor Chernev has warned
Ukrainian MP raises ‘loss of statehood’ fears

Ukraine may be forced to announce a maximum scale mobilization if there is ever a real threat to the country’s statehood, according to Verkhovna Rada MP and deputy chairman of the country’s national security committee Egor Chernev.

Speaking to Novosti.LIVE, the official explained that the country was currently in the second phase of mobilization out of four, but this number could be extended based on how long the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues and the resources are required. 

“The fourth assumes that all men go to war,” Chernev said. “If the country is in danger and there is a real threat of losing statehood, then everyone will go,” he added, noting that he believes that “it is the duty of every man to defend his own country.” 

According to Ukrainian laws on mobilization, a fourth stage means that all able-bodied residents of the country between the ages of 18 and 60 will be called up for service.

The politician noted, however, that there were no plans to increase the mobilization level at the moment and that authorities were just focusing on making sure that the system worked.

Chernev’s comments come a week after Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky launched a sweeping military purge and sacked all of the regional military officials responsible for the country’s conscription campaign following a string of corruption scandals.

That was after Kiev’s authorities had exposed a scheme which allegedly allowed Ukrainian recruits to purchase fraudulent medical certificates to avoid conscription. 

Zelensky revealed that 112 criminal cases had been opened against officials working in local recruitment centers, with 33 suspects – including commissars and medical commission employees – accused of taking bribes in the form of both cash and cryptocurrency. 

The Ukrainian leader also officially signed a bill on Thursday to extend general mobilization and martial law in Ukraine for another 90 days, until November 15. Martial law was initially introduced in the country on February 24, 2022, after Russia launched its military campaign against Ukraine.