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17 Jul, 2023 07:08

Crimean Bridge targeted by Ukrainian terrorist attack – Moscow

The raid has killed two people and injured one child, damaging the structure’s road section, the National Antiterrorist Committee said
Crimean Bridge targeted by Ukrainian terrorist attack – Moscow

The Crimean Bridge has been targeted by a Ukrainian terrorist drone attack, Russia's National Antiterrorist Committee (NAK) announced on Monday.

In a statement, the NAK said that the key link between the Crimean Peninsula and mainland Russia was attacked by two Ukrainian unmanned sea vehicles at around 3am local time. 

“The terrorist act resulted in the road component of the Crimean Bridge sustaining damage. Two adults were killed and one child was injured,” it stated, adding that law enforcement agencies are investigating the matter.

The NAK statement comes after several Ukrainian media outlets described the attack as a “special operation” conducted by the country’s security services and naval forces. Publicly, however, Ukrainian officials stopped short of assuming direct responsibility, while cheering the incident.

The fatalities were first reported by Belgorod Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov, who said that those who died were a married couple from his region, adding that their daughter had also been injured.

Following the raid, Russian authorities stopped traffic from crossing the bridge, although several hours later, train service on the undamaged section was resumed.

Ukraine has attempted to target the bridge in the past. Last week, Kiev’s forces launched a missile at the key link but failed to break through Russian air defenses, according to the Defense Ministry in Moscow. 

In October 2022, the bridge was damaged in a deadly truck bombing that Russia said was orchestrated by Ukrainian intelligence services. At the time, Moscow responded by intensifying missile strikes on the neighboring country’s energy and military infrastructure.