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13 Jul, 2022 16:49

DPR ready for execution of foreign fighters – official

The Donetsk People’s Republic authorities have prepared an execution yard for convicted foreign fighters, the DPR head has said
DPR ready for execution of foreign fighters – official

The executive service of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) is prepared to carry out the death sentences of three foreign mercenaries, DPR leader Denis Pushilin told Ukraina.ru news outlet on Wednesday.

“The DPR executive service has prepared a place to carry out the death sentences of foreign mercenaries,” he said. Earlier on Wednesday, Pushilin said the republic’s laws do not specify fixed dates to carry out these sentences, and the executive service would act “in accordance with its internal decisions.” He added that executions normally are “not public” and information on them “is not disclosed.”

The official also said that the three convicts would be executed by firing squad if their appeals are not successful. The three men who fought for Ukraine and were captured in Donbass were found guilty by the republic’s Supreme Court on June 9 of being mercenaries and taking part in “Ukraine’s armed aggression,” attempting to overthrow the government of the DPR.

All three – two Britons and one Moroccan – have filed appeals. DPR Justice Minister Yury Sirovatenko said on July 12 that the court could decide on their appeals by the end of the month. The last appeal was filed on July 4 by Briton Aiden Aslin’s defense. The DPR lifted its moratorium on the death penalty on July 12.

The fighters surrendered to Russian and DPR forces in or near Mariupol, a port city that the DPR claims as part of its sovereign territory. London demands that its citizens be treated as prisoners of war under the Geneva Conventions.