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15 Feb, 2022 19:16

Ukraine contradicts US on Belarus plan

Ukraine’s defense minister has ruled out a military incursion from Belarusian territory
Ukraine contradicts US on Belarus plan

A Russian invasion of Ukraine via Belarusian territory is an impossibility due to several geographical factors, the Ukrainian defense minister claimed on Monday, contradicting a scenario proposed by the US last month.

Speaking to ICTV, Aleksey Reznikov stated that the American theory, first floated by State Department spokesman Ned Price, would be too complex for the Russian military to pull off. Price suggested that troops could enter Kiev in just a couple of days by coming across the border with Belarus rather than invading directly from Russia.

“I honestly and frankly say, I do not believe in this scenario,” Reznikov stressed. “Don’t forget that we have a thousand kilometers [of border] with Belarus, of which about 750 kilometers is marshes, brushwood, very difficult terrain. Not every place is easy to cross.”

“Our defense system is built in such a way that no one can reach Kiev,” he continued.

According to Reznikov, the easiest section to cross is closer to the frontier with Poland, and a significant distance away from Kiev. The defense minister also noted that his Belarusian counterpart, Viktor Khrenin, had already assured him that “there will be no aggressive actions” on behalf of Minsk.

Russian troops are currently in Belarus for the Union Resolve 2022 exercises, which will be coming to an end on February 20. According to NATO, Moscow dispatched 30,000 soldiers for the drills, who are due to be sent home at the weekend.

Last month, the US State Department threatened a “swift and decisive response” if an invasion is launched via Belarus.