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31 Jan, 2022 23:53

Poll reveals American views on peace deal with Russia

A majority of US voters favor a diplomatic approach towards the Ukrainian standoff, a fresh poll shows
Poll reveals American views on peace deal with Russia

A new poll has revealed that American voters overwhelmingly support the idea of striking a diplomatic deal with Russia “to avoid war over Ukraine,” with some 58% of respondents in favor. About 29% are opposed, favoring the path of putting more pressure on Moscow instead.

This is according to a survey by Data for Progress, a left-leaning progressive think tank. The research was conducted from January 21-24, on a sample of 1,214 “likely voters.”

The idea of taking the diplomatic approach to the crisis was overwhelmingly favored by Democrats, with 71% of them in favor against only 17% opposed. Independents showed less certainty in backing such approach, with 51% positive and 33% negative about diplomacy, while Republicans were more evenly divided with 46% of respondents backing talks and 40% against.

Tensions between Russia and the West, centered around Ukraine, remain extremely high. For the past several months, top US officials and Western media outlets have repeatedly warned of an allegedly imminent “invasion” of the country by Moscow. However, no solid proof to back up such allegations has ever been provided, while Russia has called it “fake news” and maintained it has no plans to attack its neighbor.

Speaking during a UN Security Council meeting on Monday, Russia’s permanent envoy to the organization, Vassily Nebenzia, accused the collective West and the US in particular of deliberately ramping up tensions around Ukraine to try and ignite a war. 

“It looks like you’re calling for this, wanting and waiting for it to happen. As if you want to make your allegations a reality,” Nebenzia said, adding that constantly talking about the allegedly impending war has been “provocative in itself.”