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1 Feb, 2022 08:09

OnlyFans model faces year in jail

The 26-year-old’s decision to bare all in front of the holy building is part of a growing trend among influencers in recent months
OnlyFans model faces year in jail

A Russian porn star has found herself in hot water after regional prosecutors initiated a criminal case over saucy snaps of her flashing her bare bottom outside of a place of worship, which could land her behind bars for up to a year if convicted.

On Friday, the city prosecutor’s office approved the indictment against Natalia Maslennikova, known online as Trikotasha, for lifting her skirt up in front of the Transfiguration Church in Kaluga, which is situated south-west of Moscow.

According to a statement on the department’s website, the 26-year-old “committed public actions expressing clear disrespect for society and … with the purpose of insulting the religious feelings of believers.” If convicted under laws protecting religious sentiments, she could face up to a maximum penalty of one year in prison, or a significant fine.

Three snaps from the photo session, said to have been taken last July, were published on the internet. However, the titillating images didn’t garner widespread public attention until they were exposed by ultra-right-wing, anti-feminist, conservative blogger Vladislav Pozdnyakov, founder of the notorious Male State group, which has been declared an extremist organization in Russia after its cyber-warriors targeted women, businesses, and minority groups online.

In 2018, Pozdnyakov was handed a two-year suspended sentence over “actions aimed at humiliating human dignity in relation to women.” However, it was overturned just one year later.

The initiation of the criminal case comes after police in the city, home to around 200,000 people, launched an investigation in November. Speaking to online news outlet Podyom, Kaluga Mayor Dmitry Denisov condemned Maslennikova but urged for a review of how such incidents are handled so that the legal system “does not get bogged down.”

“I am sure there is definitely something wrong in their minds and souls,” he said, adding that he wishes “these girls would become caring mothers and loving wives.”

This update to Maslennikova’s scandal is part of a chain of similar displays outside of religious buildings in recent months. Earlier in January, Maria Katanova, an Instagram personality, apologized for staging an erotic exhibition outside of the capital’s best-known Islamic place of worship, Moscow Cathedral Mosque, in which she filmed a woman wearing just a coat, stockings, lingerie, and a balaclava in thick snow near the holy building.

In October, Ruslan Bobiev, a Tajik blogger, and his Russian girlfriend, Asya Akimova, were each slapped with a ten-month sentence behind bars for simulating oral sex in a photograph against the backdrop of Moscow’s iconic St. Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square. The pair were the first to receive jail time under the law, with all those previously convicted having been hit with a fine or suspended sentence.