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22 Oct, 2021 12:41

Moscow battered by gale force winds causing chaos on streets & even RIPPING DOWN scaffolding, damaging iconic Kremlin walls

Russia’s capital city has been hit by strong winds, rain and hailstorms, with fast-moving gusts causing carnage, knocking over trees, sending garbage cans flying into the street and even disrupting repair works at the Kremlin.

In a statement posted on Moscow’s municipal news portal, officials warned residents to take care, saying that winds could reach 20 miles per hour. “Please stay indoors if possible during the bad weather,” it reads, “be extremely careful on the street, avoid sheltering near trees and do not park cars near them.”

One video, posted by a bystander on the iconic Red Square, showed a temporary structure collapsing under the gusts. A source in the emergency services has since told TASS that “because of the wind, the scaffolding on the Kremlin wall fell, and damaged one of the battlements of the wall.”

Other clips show trees felled in one of the city’s parks, where countless residents will be hoping to spend time when a 10-day national holiday comes into force next week, with employees told to down tools and stay home in an effort to drive down rising Covid-19 cases.

In another dramatic post, one local filmed a municipal garbage can flying across the road, propelled by the wind, before hitting the curb and unloading its contents. It was chased by the entire bin shed, which hit a wall and crumpled.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has previously blamed a spate of freak weather conditions, like colossal wildfires and devastating floods, on global warming. According to him, the growing number of extreme meteorological events are “if not entirely, then at least to a large extent, due to global climate change in our nation.”

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