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11 Oct, 2021 11:59

Russia’s official Covid-19 death toll tops 900 for fifth-consecutive day as country sees record numbers of deaths & infections

Russia’s official Covid-19 death toll tops 900 for fifth-consecutive day as country sees record numbers of deaths & infections

Russia has reported a record-breaking week of grim mortality milestones in the fight against coronavirus, with the number of deaths hitting all-time highs since the start of the pandemic as infections skyrocket.

In an official statistical release put out on Monday, authorities say the country has seen its highest increase in Covid-19 infections since the start of 2021.

Some 29,409 official cases were detected in a single day, compared to 28,647 recorded the day before – just shy of the 24,499 record set in winter last year. For the fifth day in a row, official Covid-related deaths across the country passed the 900 mark, with 957 documented. This is compared to 962 deaths a day earlier.

The news of the growing infection rate comes a week after Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova warned that the country will soon pass 30,000 cases a day. However, the Kremlin still insists there will not be another national lockdown, although regions can impose their own restrictive measures to reduce infection rates and boost the vaccine uptake.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in September that there are currently “no discussions” at the highest level of Russian politics about the prospect of another lockdown, with most regions of the country having scrapped restrictions on businesses, travel and hospitality.

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“The announcement of some lockdowns is an absolutely undesirable scenario for any of the regions,” Dmitry Peskov explained on Wednesday, stressing that “targeted measures are a priority, because a certain method has already been developed.”

The Russian deputy PM also said that 47.4 million people have received their first vaccine shot, and 42.2 million have had both doses. However, Golikova noted that vaccination rates need to be higher in order to reach herd immunity.

A range of initiatives have been implemented across regions in Russia in an attempt to boost the vaccine rollout. Last week, Roman Starovoit, the governor of Kursk Region, threatened to halt road repairs in districts with low levels of Covid-19 vaccine uptake. In some areas of the region, fewer than 55% of people have been immunized, and Starovoit has said he will take steps to ensure more people get the shot.

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Earlier this year, in August, a lottery amongst vaccinated people was announced, with those who have been jabbed in with the chance of winning 100,000 rubles (about $1,378). In June, Moscow said that free cars would be given away in prize draws to vaccinated residents. The city also recently extended its handout of the ‘Taking Care of Health’ kits, which include vitamins, blood pressure monitors, and cosmetics that are available to people who take the vaccine.

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