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West is working to interfere in Russian elections next month & actively backing anti-government forces, top Moscow official claims

West is working to interfere in Russian elections next month & actively backing anti-government forces, top Moscow official claims
Elections to Russia’s State Duma, due to be held next month, are a lightning rod for those seeking regime change from outside the country, one of Moscow’s top envoys has warned, insisting the vote will go ahead transparently.

In an interview with RIA Novosti published on Wednesday, Ambassador-at-Large Gennady Askaldovich said that there was a high risk of foreign interference ahead of the polls, which are due to be held in September. According to him, Western “partners” are working to impose their vision of democracy on Moscow, and are proactively seeking to build support for factions working against the state.

Askaldovich went on to say that polling stations based overseas, allowing the Russian diaspora to cast their ballots from abroad, were also of particular concern. “We are expecting a large number of observers at foreign sites,” he said, adding that senior Russian officials would be present to ensure the integrity of the vote. “We have nothing to hide from citizens, we do our job honestly,” he added.

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Earlier this month, Sergey Naryshkin, the head of Russia’s foreign intelligence service, the SVR, said that the elections would be a potential opportunity for provocations and interference. He lamented that the country’s “opponents are preparing in full force,” but said the security agencies already know “which areas will be struck.”

Moscow’s foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, has previously accused the West of playing “a game without rules” when it comes to dealing with states that it considers hostile. According to him, foreign agents are not above using “dirty methods of so-called color revolutions” in order to bring about regime change.

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Russians will head to the polls starting from September 17 to vote on the composition of the national parliament, the State Duma. The governing United Russia party is aiming to again secure a so-called ‘super-majority’ of two thirds of the seats, allowing it to pass major reforms without seeking support from smaller factions.

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