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12 Aug, 2021 14:31

Russia’s Communists to stage nationwide protests against ‘political repression’ after popular party figure is BANNED from election

Russia’s Communists to stage nationwide protests against ‘political repression’ after popular party figure is BANNED from election

Russia’s Communists have urged supporters to take to the streets for the second time in three weeks, as the country’s biggest opposition party ramps up its rhetoric against the authorities and the ruling United Russia faction.

Last month, popular party figure Pavel Grudinin was banned from running in the Duma election after testimony from his ex-wife alleged that he had undeclared foreign assets. Grudinin, who came second in the 2018 presidential election, is the director of Lenin State Farm, a 2,000-hectare sprawl of land growing fruits and vegetables on the outskirts of Moscow. He completely denies his ex-wife’s accusations.

On July 27, at least 10 Communist Party supporters were arrested at protests against so-called “political repression.” Now, according to Moscow daily Kommersant, the faction has planned another round of demonstrations, between August 14 and 19.

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The protesters plan to not only rally against Grudinin’s rejection by the Central Election Committee, but will also express their opposition to multi-day elections, increased pension ages, and the ruling United Russia party.

With the parliamentary elections just around the corner, the Communists have started to ramp up their anti-establishment rhetoric. Last month, party leader Gennady Zyuganov addressed Russian President Vladimir Putin, telling him that the country is going down a path of “fascistization.”

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He then listed many of his grievances, including “[the] repressi[on of] the opposition by force,” “hostile takeovers of state-owned enterprises,” and “cannibalistic pension reform,” as well as taxes.

“Even [former Russian President Boris] Yeltsin, who drank too much, had the sense and courage to turn the country to leftist patriotism,” he noted.

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