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17 Jun, 2021 09:53

If current rate of Covid-19 spread continues, Moscow will run out of hospital beds in just 2-3 weeks, says capital’s deputy mayor

If current rate of Covid-19 spread continues, Moscow will run out of hospital beds in just 2-3 weeks, says capital’s deputy mayor

A recent surge in Covid-19 infections means the situation in Moscow has deteriorated so rapidly that hospital beds for patients who need to be treated in the Russian capital may completely run out in the next two to three weeks.

That’s according to the city’s deputy mayor, Anastasia Rakova, speaking on Wednesday evening. Amidst increasing infection rates, Moscow has already imposed additional restrictions, such as an 11pm curfew on nightlife, and has increased the number of beds available for Covid-19 patients.

However, there is no lockdown, and the current measures are much less severe than many seen in other large European population centers.

“If this rate of increase continues, even if we deploy the maximum available beds in the city, suitable for Covid-19 parents, there will simply be no places in hospitals in about two-three weeks,” Rakova explained.

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She also noted that people of working age, especially those between the ages of 22-55, are now getting sick more and more often, with able-bodied patients now making up 77% of all infected.

In the last week, the number of all confirmed infections in Moscow increased by 80%, she noted, adding that the figure has doubled in the last fortnight.

“Among those admitted to hospitals in severe condition, there are more and more young people without any pre-existing conditions,” Rakova said.

According to the official numbers, Russia recorded 13,397 new cases nationwide on Wednesday. The capital is taking the brunt of the latest wave, with 5,782 new infections detected in just 24 hours – 44% of all cases recorded. Moscow is home to around 10% of the country’s population.

On Tuesday, the head of Moscow’s top coronavirus hospital, Denis Protsenko, told RT that, out of 1,447 coronavirus patients currently being treated at his institution, 407 are in the intensive care unit and 110 are connected to a ventilator. This is the record number of patients on ventilators, higher than at any other stage of the pandemic.

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