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15 Jun, 2021 10:58

Lukashenko says Belarusians should be taught how to handle guns because ‘world has gone crazy’ & Minsk may find itself at war

Lukashenko says Belarusians should be taught how to handle guns because ‘world has gone crazy’ & Minsk may find itself at war

The entire population of Belarus should learn how to handle firearms because there is no guarantee that the country won’t go to war. That’s according to the nation’s leader, who told students that “the world has gone crazy.”

On Monday, Alexander Lukashenko was taken on a tour of military factories in the city of Orsha, near the border with Russia, and revealed his belief that the Belarusian population should be trained how to assemble, fire, and disassemble a machine gun.

“Who will guarantee that we will not go to war?” Lukashenko said. “Neither you nor I – no one can guarantee. The world has gone crazy in general. War can break out at any time in any place. God forbid, even in our country.”

Due to the threat of conflict, the country’s population should learn how to handle firearms. These skills are taught when people are conscripted into the armed forces, but not everyone serves, he said.

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“And why don’t students and others get involved and learn how to use firearms – assemble, disassemble a machine gun, shoot?” he asked. “So that they know how to use them and so they won’t have to learn on the battlefield.”

Lukashenko’s proposal came during a tour of a military-industrial enterprise, a sector that has recently become a focus for Belarusian production. Earlier this month, the Belarusian leader instructed the industry to speed up the production of small arms in case of a future conflict, noting that the country should not rely on the help of a foreign ally.

“We must produce a minimum of weapons at home. Because anything can happen, and we should not hold out hope that some overseas uncle will bring us weapons. We must have our own,” Lukashenko stressed.

As things stand, the country has a shortage of guns, he explained.

The possibility of an upcoming war is a regular theme in the speeches of the embattled president. Speaking last month, he told legislators about the threat of a third world war if an armed conflict erupts over Belarus, urging foreign countries to stop “stirring the pot.”

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“We are not a big country, but we will put up an adequate response,” he said. “Remember that Belarus is the center of Europe before resorting to any hasty and ill-considered moves.”

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