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4 Jun, 2021 14:33

Alarm in Siberia as Tuvan village goes into QUARANTINE after 29-year-old local catches suspected rare & deadly anthrax disease

Alarm in Siberia as Tuvan village goes into QUARANTINE after 29-year-old local catches suspected rare & deadly anthrax disease

A village in the Russian region of Tuva has gone into lockdown after a local was found to have contracted anthrax, according to the district's acting head. Anthrax is a serious bacterial infection that is often deadly to humans.

The Tuva Republic is almost 4,000 kilometers east of Moscow, and is located in Southern Siberia.

Writing on Russian social network VKontakte, Vladislav Khovalyg announced a single positive case of infection in Bizhiktig-Khaya, a settlement near the country's border with Mongolia.

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"To prevent the spread of the dangerous disease, we are forced to introduce quarantine in the village of Bijiktig-Haya, Barun-Khemchiksky District," he wrote. "A 29-year-old local resident is suspected of having contracted anthrax."

According to Khovalyg, the patient is receiving the necessary medical care and has a less aggressive, cutaneous form of the disease.

"Doctors are monitoring the condition of those who have had contact with the infected person," he added.

The official also revealed that an interdepartmental commission had already begun working in the Tuvan village to discover the causes of the infection.

"Samples are being taken that will allow us to give a competent opinion on the situation in the near future," he explained.

Anthrax is a dangerous infectious disease that is often found in rural areas and most commonly affects livestock. Humans catch the infection from animals, typically from infected animal carcasses, as well as from wool, hair, and hides. The illness often begins with flu-like symptoms, which can develop into respiratory problems. Direct contact with the disease can be treated with antibiotics, but those who inhale anthrax spores often die from lung damage.

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