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16 Apr, 2021 17:09

Stop the ‘saber-rattling’ & begin de-escalation before Russia-Ukraine conflict turns into ‘nuclear holocaust,’ Gabbard tells Biden

Stop the ‘saber-rattling’ & begin de-escalation before Russia-Ukraine conflict turns into ‘nuclear holocaust,’ Gabbard tells Biden

Unless the world wants to see loved ones “burned alive in a nuclear holocaust," politicians should cut out the “macho” act and begin to deescalate. That's according to former US congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, a US Army veteran.

Speaking to Tucker Carlson on Fox News on Thursday, Gabbard said the American people must decide if they're willing to go to war with Russia on behalf of Ukraine. If not – the rhetoric must be toned down.

“Such a war would come at a cost beyond anything we can really imagine,” she told Carlson. “This is something that will directly impact…every single one of your viewers.”

“It is a war in which there are no winners,” she added.

The conflict in Donbass started in 2014, when two pro-Russia breakaway republics unilaterally declared independence from Kiev. While a peace deal was agreed upon later that year, both sides regularly report ceasefire violations. Much of the region is now split into the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics. According to Kiev, both of the unrecognized states are controlled by Russia, which the Kremlin denies. Moscow says both Donetsk and Lugansk are part of Ukraine. 

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Fears of a full-scale war have been growing in recent weeks. Media reports have revealed a build-up of both Russian manpower and equipment, particularly on the Crimean peninsula and by the eastern Ukrainian frontier. This came after news of increased shelling of Ukraine's eastern Donbass region by Kiev’s forces, and revelations that the Ukrainian Army was increasing its number of troops in the area.

Kiev is supported by the US, which has provided money, equipment and expertise. However, Washington has not given Ukraine the status of a full ally.

According to Gabbard, it would be a disaster if a war kicks off in Ukraine. In particular, she highlighted the "thousands of nuclear weapons" Moscow and Washington have aimed at each other, warning that “hundreds of millions” could die and suffer if a war kicks off. 

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According to the former congresswoman, a war between the US and Russia would lead to the “end of the world as we know it,” and she called for American President Joe Biden to stop imposing sanctions and escalating tensions.

“If he doesn't, it's not a question of if we go to war with Russia, or if this war ends up with a nuclear holocaust, but it really is then just a question of when.”

On Thursday, the White House imposed a new round of sanctions against Russia. Targeting more than 30 individuals and organizations, the measures are said to be punishment for alleged interference in the US presidential election, as well as the infamous SolarWinds cyber-espionage case, which Washington says was ordered by the Russian government. Speaking to reporters after the sanctions were announced, Biden called for de-escalation in the tensions between the US and Russia, preferring “thoughtful dialogue and diplomatic process.”

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