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27 Jan, 2021 12:26

Putin tells Davos that divided modern world facing ‘real breakdown’, with demographic struggles & echoes of 1930s pre-WW2 tensions

Putin tells Davos that divided modern world facing ‘real breakdown’, with demographic struggles & echoes of 1930s pre-WW2 tensions

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned against the danger of repeating the mistakes leading up to World War II, noting that the modern world might break down as it struggles with the battle of “everyone against everyone.”

Putin was speaking at the Davos World Economic Forum, held remotely this year, in his first appearance at the prestigious meeting since 2009.

Putin also warned against the "destruction" of traditional values, as well as the right to choose and the right to a private life.

"The social and values crisis is already having negative demographic consequences, from which mankind is at risk of losing entire civilizational and cultural continents," he said, stressing that it is a global responsibility to avoid this "gloomy dystopia."

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On the 76th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the Russian president also noted that the "inability and unwillingness" to resolve problems in the 20th century led the world to a catastrophe, before expressing his hope that a "hot conflict" is "basically impossible" nowadays."I really hope so – it would mean the end of civilization," he said.

In particular, Putin drew parallels between the the modern world and that of the 1930s, noting that "the scale and complex systemic nature of the challenges" in international relations pose similar threats.

In his opinion, existing economic models are causing a "sharp polarization" in views, leading to both populism and radicalism."International institutions are weakening, regional conflicts are multiplying, and the global security system is degrading," he noted.

The World Economic Forum is an annual meeting of business leaders, political figures and economists, usually hosted in Switzerland. This year, due to Covid-19, it is being hosted in Singapore, with most speakers appearing virtually. 2021 marks the first time Putin has spoken at the event since 2009, when he was Russia’s Prime Minister.

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