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22 Jan, 2021 14:38

Russian expert says cleaning your room and opening windows may be crucial for recovering from Covid-19

Russian expert says cleaning your room and opening windows may be crucial for recovering from Covid-19

It’s easier to recover from Covid-19 when air quality is better and more saturated with oxygen. That’s according to Russian immunologist Vladimir Bolibok, who claimed that giving your bedroom a clean might just stimulate recovery.

“The more oxygen [the air] contains, the easier it will be for a person to endure respiratory diseases,” Bolibok told Sputnik Radio, noting that dirty air increases susceptibility to all viral infections.

As the world edges closer to 100,000,000 recorded coronavirus cases, Russia appears to be coming toward the end of its second wave. However, despite Covid-19 being around for over a year, the general public still has much to learn about its makeup.

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According to Bolibok, coronavirus infections attack the respiratory tract, and therefore controlling the cleanliness of indoor air is vitally important. Anyone recovering from Covid-19 should make sure they’re in a clean room with good air quality, he said, noting that increasing ventilation could expedite the process.

Bolibok isn’t the first to link the spread of Covid-19 to the circulation of air indoors. In November, the British Department for Health claimed that letting in fresh air could decrease infection risk by around 70 percent.

On Friday, Russia recorded 21,513 new coronavirus cases, remaining below 22,000 for the fourth day in a row. Covid-19 cases peaked in the country on December 24, when the official numbers showed that 29,935 people had become infected. Compared to the rest of the world, Russia has the 4th highest amount of confirmed cases, behind the US, India, and Brazil.

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