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4 Jan, 2021 06:02

Incendio! Cops hunt two topless Russian men who used fireworks to recreate magic duel from Harry Potter on New Year's Eve (VIDEO)

A clip of two semi-naked men shooting fireworks at each other on New Year's Eve has gone viral in Russia, reminding netizens of scenes from the Harry Potter movies. Police, near Moscow, are now looking for the wannabe magicians.

The 'duel' took place in the town of Balashikha, on the outskirts of the capital, shortly after the clock struck midnight, heralding the end of 2020. The two guys apparently wanted to spice up their celebrations, but found a rather unconventional and unsafe way to do so.

The video, obtained by RT's Ruptly video agency, captured the topless pair shooting fireworks at each other from quite a close distance, while also trying to avoid the colorful salvos.

The risky stunt, which violated all safety regulations and could well have ended with injuries or started a blaze, attracted an audience of more than a dozen people, who cheered for the participants. Fortunately, any bodily harm or property damage was avoided.

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"Harry Potter vs Voldemort. Moscow Region style," one of the online commenters said of the clip, with many liking the comparison. The only difference was that the battle occurred outside a grocery store, instead of Hogwarts. Foreign users pointed out that it was one of those typical "Only in Russia" videos.

Among the viewers of the footage were the local police. Officers were apparently quite unimpressed, as they said they've started searching for the duelists.

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