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28 Dec, 2020 14:55

Former Miss Ekaterinburg fights back New York mugger with one simple tactic – swearing at him in Russian

Former Miss Ekaterinburg fights back New York mugger with one simple tactic – swearing at him in Russian

Ever wondered what you’d do if someone tried to rob you on the street? Well, one Russian model in New York managed to get away scot-free with a straightforward tactic: she swore at him in her native tongue.

Writing on her Instagram, Anna Lesun explained how a “very well dressed young man” had asked her for some money, and then threw a fist at her when she said no. According to the model, the would-be mugger also threatened her dog, Misha.

“I pushed him back and started cursing him in Russian,” Lesun wrote on her Instagram. “I could see he didn’t expect any resistance so he called me a bitch and, thank god, went away.”

Lesun escaped unharmed.

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The model noted that she wasn’t scared, but was worried the man “would hurt Misha.”

The attempted mugging took place in New York’s SoHo neighborhood, an area of Manhattan known for its shopping and gentrification, having previously been a neighborhood where living was cheaper, and popular with artists.

“I am old school. In my world, men don’t ask women for money. They don’t try to hit women,” she wrote. “This guy to me wasn’t a man. He was just a walking zombie with no sense of dignity.”

From Novouralsk, a town near Ekaterinburg, 1,500km east of Moscow, Lesun is a New York-based model and was a contestant in Miss Russia 2014, eventually making the top 20. In 2018, she was chosen to represent US car company Cadillac, featuring in their TV advert.

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