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13 Dec, 2020 00:57

WATCH: Russian cutting-edge nuclear sub fires barrage of FOUR intercontinental ballistic missiles

WATCH: Russian cutting-edge nuclear sub fires barrage of FOUR intercontinental ballistic missiles

One of Russia’s state-of-the-art Borei class nuclear-powered submarines, Vladimir Monomakh, has test-fired a salvo of four intercontinental ballistic missiles for the first time ever, as part of a recent military drill.

Stunning footage released by the Russian Defense Ministry on Saturday demonstrates the moment sailors on the K-551 Vladimir Monomakh submarine man their battle stations before launching a devastating payload of RSM-56 Bulava (‘Mace’) ballistic missiles towards their target some 5,000 kilometers away.

All four missiles fired from the Sea of Okhotsk in Russia’s Far East reportedly hit their designated targets at a firing range in Arkhangelsk Oblast in the country’s north, just hundreds of kilometers away from Finland.

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Even a single Bulava missile, capable of carrying 6 to 10 warheads with a nuclear payload equivalent to 100-150 kilotons each, could wreak havoc on any territory it hits. A sight of four such missiles launched at once provides a rare glimpse into how a nuclear apocalypse would probably unfold, should humanity ever engage in an all-out nuclear war.

The 170-meter long Vladimir Monomakh – one of Russia’s four newest Borei-class submarines – is designed to carry 16 Bulava missiles, besides torpedoes and Onyx and Kalibr cruise missiles. The fifth submarine called Knyaz Oleg is about to start trials and might join the Russian Navy in the coming year or two. Three more Borei-class submarines are currently under construction.

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