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10 Dec, 2020 10:44

Russia launches missiles from nuclear sub as war games take place amid rising tensions with US-led NATO bloc (VIDEO)

Russia launched an intercontinental ballistic missile from a nuclear submarine on Wednesday. There's no need to stock up on tinned food yet, given it was part of planned war-game exercises carried out by the the armed forces.

Footage released by the Ministry of Defence in Moscow captured the moment sailors on the K-18 Karelia sub manned their battle stations and pushed the big gray button to unleash the devastating payload. The clip offers a startling insight into what humanity’s final moments might look like, if nuclear war were to break out.

The exercises, ordered by President Vladimir Putin, come as military tensions with the West continue to rise. In November, a US-led NATO force fired a barrage of missiles from Romania into the Black Sea. Locals in Crimea reportedly fear that the advanced launchers could hit the disputed peninsula, and last week the deputy speaker of the Crimean parliament accused NATO of “preparation for an armed invasion.”

Also on rt.com American missiles capable of striking Crimea fired into Black Sea as risk of confrontation on Russia’s borders continues to grow

The Black Sea region has been a flashpoint for military escalation, with the General Secretary of the military bloc, Jens Stoltenberg, using a speech at the beginning of December to call for NATO members to step up its naval presence there. At the same time, his office accused Russia of conducting “intimidatory military operations in the immediate vicinity of NATO” and said it’s the “main threat.”

According to the Ministry of Defence in Moscow, Wednesday’s drills also involved firing strategic cruise missiles, converted into non-nuclear versions, from Tu-169 and Tu-95MS aircraft.

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