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27 Nov, 2020 12:04

Mayor of Novosibirsk defends decision to shape city’s main ice rink like a penis for 2nd consecutive year

Mayor of Novosibirsk defends decision to shape city’s main ice rink like a penis for 2nd consecutive year

Last year, the main skating rink in Novosibirsk bore the brunt of many jokes when it was revealed to be shaped like a penis. Now, the city's mayor has explained that a phallus is the most efficient way to use the available space.

Speaking to RIA Novosti on Friday, the Mayor of the Siberian capital, Anatoly Lokot explained that the authorities didn't consider the appearance of the rink, but purely wanted to maximize “pleasure” and make it large enough to enable a “sporting element,” allowing for acceleration.

“Honestly, both this year and last year, the shape of the ice rink was the last thing we thought about. We thought about the area, and maximizing the territory that can be occupied by an ice rink in order not to create crowding,” he said.

In the mayor's opinion, the winter has sparked some people's “imagination,” despite the fact that the paths are the same shape in the summer.

“The infrastructure, alleys, and paths are built in that way,” Lokot said. “And as soon as ice appears, someone's imagination begins to play up. I hasten to assume, not a healthy imagination. Apparently, they think about something.”

Located in front of the Novosibirsk State Opera and Ballet Theater, the city's central ice rink caused a stir last year when a drone took photos of its shape. Writing on Facebook, Vice Mayor Anna Tereshkova brushed off the criticism, joking that “real art should excite.”

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