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25 Sep, 2020 14:48

US/UK media’s favorite Russian conspiracy loon Solovey says he’s associate member of powerful organization, stronger than FSB

US/UK media’s favorite Russian conspiracy loon Solovey says he’s associate member of powerful organization, stronger than FSB

Russian political scientist and regular Western media commentator Valery Solovey has claimed that he is linked to a secretive, powerful, and dangerous organization which exerts influence on the world.

Speaking to Ukrainian interviewer Dmitry Gordon, Solovey claimed that many countries have international organizations that are significantly superior to the official power structures.

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“In particular, they are stronger than the Federal Security Service (FSB), stronger than the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), and stronger than Russia’s Military Intelligence (GRU),” he explained. “These are international non-governmental organizations… I am an associate member of the East European branch of one of these organizations.”

He also claimed that it is “not an occult organization,” and has nothing to do with the Templars and Freemasons.

“This organization provides me with some security guarantees,” Solovey said, claiming that the Russian leadership knows about it, and at one time used its services.

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Well known for his conspiracy theories, Solovey often emerges with outlandish statements and predictions, usually about Russia’s political class. Earlier this year, Solovey claimed that Russia had produced a “very efficient” Covid-19 cure which is only given to select members of the elite. In February, he claimed that Russia was planning to invade Belarus “in the coming days,” a prediction that clearly did not come true. 

Despite being Russia’s answer to Alex Jones, Solovey has emerged as a favorite of the Western media, and has even been promoted by the BBC. In 2019, BBC Moscow correspondent Steve Rosenberg shared an interview with Solovey from the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, in which he claimed that Putin’s “system will collapse.” A year later, and Putin is still president, with a new constitution that could see him lead the country until 2036.

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