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21 Aug, 2020 16:48

Russian doctors say Moscow protest leader Navalny's condition has stabilized - he CAN be flown to Germany at family’s request

Russian doctors say Moscow protest leader Navalny's condition has stabilized - he CAN be flown to Germany at family’s request

Anti corruption activist Alexey Navalny, who remains in an artificially induced coma at a Siberian hospital, can be transferred to Germany within hours, his doctors have said, agreeing to family requests for treatment abroad.

Given the seriousness of Navalny’s condition, he must be transferred to the airport with extreme care, the doctors of the Omsk clinic where the Moscow protest leader is hospitalized told the media on Friday.

An aircraft ambulance, dispatched by a German NGO to transport the activist, landed at the local airport earlier in the day. However, his doctors noted that while it will certainly be possible to transfer Navalny to Germany for treatment, it is neither needed nor encouraged.

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“We don’t mind his being transferred to another medical facility – one that relatives have chosen, and, of course, one that agrees to take the patient,” one of the team said. “However, we don’t think that [Navalny] actually needs the transfer. He can receive the required treatment and all the necessary care at this facility.”

Russian doctors have already consulted with their German colleagues, who they say have agreed with their diagnosis and treatment. No toxins have been discovered in samples taken from the activist, they said.

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Navalny lost consciousness on Thursday, while he was aboard a Moscow-bound plane, flying from Tomsk. The aircraft had to make an emergency stop in Omsk and the activist ended up at a local hospital in an artificially induced coma. His supporters have alleged that he might have been poisoned – a claim that has been amplified by a number of Western leaders and media outlets. So far, no evidence of any toxic substance has emerged.

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