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4 Jul, 2020 15:44

Head of Russia’s Women’s Union thinks rainbow-colored ice cream is ‘indirect propaganda’ aimed at making kids think being gay’s OK

Head of Russia’s Women’s Union thinks rainbow-colored ice cream is ‘indirect propaganda’ aimed at making kids think being gay’s OK

Rainbow-colored ice cream may endanger children by encouraging them to favorably view the multi-striped Gay Pride flag, according to the head of the Union of Women of Russia. She wants more controls on LGBT imagery in advertising.

Ekaterina Lakhova was speaking at a video conference attended by President Vladimir Putin that focused on the recently approved amendments to the Russian constitution. One of the changes defines a marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

On June 25, the US Embassy in Moscow made headlines when it flew a large rainbow flag alongside the US’ famous stars-and-stripes as a show of support for the LGBT community. In the United States, Gay Pride is celebrated every year on this date, the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Riots, which saw clashes between police and LGBT-rights protesters.

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Elaborating on her concerns, Lakhova referenced the rainbow-striped ice cream made by a company called Chistaya Liniya, which she cited as another example of the “indirect” ways in which Russian children are being softened up to accept the LGBT flag. According to Russian law, the distribution of information about ‘non-traditional’ sexual relations among minors is prohibited.

Continuing her point, she said: “There should be no propaganda, but [the brand advertises its ice cream on] billboards with beautiful rainbow colors. This is indirect, but it helps our children become accustomed to the colors of the flag.” She pledged to push for more controls over such “propaganda.”

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Armen Beniaminov, the ice-cream company’s vice-president, dismissed the comments as Lakhova’s personal opinion, and said the design of the product and its branding had nothing to do with LGBT rights. “For us, the rainbow represents sunshine after rain, and not the flag of the LGBT community,” Beniaminov explained.

Putin lent his support to Lakhova’s view that there needed to be “public control” of the “propaganda of unconventional values,” but clarified that any government action should be “non-aggressive.”

“There should be no restrictions regarding religious and social rights, as well as the rights of sexual minorities,” the president said.

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