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13 Jun, 2020 13:01

‘This is not a movie, you can’t rewind’: Russian actor Efremov begs forgiveness after fatal drunk-driving car crash

‘This is not a movie, you can’t rewind’: Russian actor Efremov begs forgiveness after fatal drunk-driving car crash

Renowned Russian actor Mikhail Efremov has made his first public appearance since killing a man in a drunk-driving incident, asking the victim’s family for forgiveness and offering support.

“Four days have passed since that cursed Monday. I didn’t know what to say, and even now, I still don't know,” Efremov said in a YouTube video which has been viewed more than 1.4 million times in the 12 hours since it was posted.

“I don't know how and with what words to apologize to the family of Sergei Zakharov. But I still ask, although I know they won't forgive me,” he said.

On the evening of June 8, Efremov drove his Jeep Grand Cherokee into the oncoming lane on a busy road in central Moscow. His car collided with a Lada delivery van, injuring 58-year-old driver Sergei Zakharov, who later died in hospital. According to prosecutors, the actor was driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and faces up to 12 years in prison.

In the video, Efremov promised to help Zakharov’s family, presumably through financial support.

“This is not an attempt at a pay-off, but an attempt at redemption. And, of course, I have no forgiveness from my wife, from my children. And from all those who believed in me,” Efremov said. “It is unforgivable to drive when drunk, and when an innocent person dies as a result. A good man, my age. And when there is grief in his family.”

Road-camera footage of the head-on collision has been widely viewed online. Some have speculated that the actor could use his influence to get a reduced sentence. But according to Efremov, that won't happen.

“I know many people think that as an artist I’ll get away with it. No, I will not try to get away with it using connections or acquaintances. In any case, how could I, when everyone’s seen everything?”

 “This is not a movie, you can’t rewind. The end, there’s no more Efremov. I betrayed everyone, please forgive me. There’s nothing more to say,” he concluded.

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