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24 May, 2020 16:46

Naked & not afraid: WATCH man wreak havoc at Moscow train station in his birthday suit

Naked & not afraid: WATCH man wreak havoc at Moscow train station in his birthday suit

They say mental illness is on the rise due to Covid-19 lockdown. One man certainly showed signs on Sunday, running naked around a Moscow train station, fighting with a taxi driver and plunging into a water tank in a bizarre caper.

The rogue nudist boarded a train in the west of the Russian capital, removed his clothes and set off the fire extinguisher, witnesses said. He then urged shocked fellow passengers to “go on a ride” with him, but when no one agreed, settled for a solo act, which was caught on video.

After that, he slipped under the train and lay there for some time. Upon tiring of this strange posture, he then started spraying blue cleaning fluid from a bridge connecting two platforms, even targeting a hapless cleaner with the liquid.

The naked troublemaker’s antics continued outside the station, where he tried to hijack one of the waiting taxis and began brawling with the driver. This didn’t go down too well, especially given that – unsurprisingly – he wasn’t wearing a face mask.

He soon found an even more entertaining pastime – jumping inside the water tank of a road-cleaning truck. Conveniently, he didn’t even need to undress to take a swim, even though the temperature outside – which was just 10 degrees above zero Celsius– wasn’t the most suitable for swimming.

Nonetheless, it seems the dip may have calmed him down, and this is where the police put a stop to his antics. Apprehending the troublemaker, however, turned out to be no easy task.

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It’s so far unclear whether the Covid-19 lockdown or other reasons caused the man’s odd behaviour, although those who saw him in action insisted he was sober.

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